Colombo, Sri Lanka: Six million Internet properties now faster for six million Internet users

Published on by Nitin Rao.

We are excited to add four new data centers this week to Cloudflare's growing network, beginning with Colombo, Sri Lanka. This deployment is our 112th data center globally, and our 38th in Asia. Faster Performance CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 image by Pavel Dobrovsky Six million Internet properties using Cloudflare are

How the Dyn outage affected Cloudflare

Published on by John Graham-Cumming.

Last Friday the popular DNS service Dyn suffered three waves of DDoS attacks that affected users first on the East Coast of the US, and later users worldwide. Popular websites, some of which are also Cloudflare customers, were inaccessible. Although Cloudflare was not attacked, joint Dyn/Cloudflare customers were affected.

Bandwidth Costs Around the World

Published on by Nitin Rao.

CloudFlare protects over 4 million Internet properties using our global network which spans 86 cities across 45 countries. Running this network give us a unique vantage point to track the evolving cost of bandwidth around the world. CC BY-SA 2.0 image by Quinn Dombrowski Recap Two years ago, we

Taipei: CloudFlare’s 77th Data Center is Now Live

Published on by Nitin Rao.

台北:CloudFlare的第七十七個數據中心已經上線喔! We are excited to announce the launch of our Taipei data center, which is our 28th data center in Asia, and our 77th data center globally. Millions of websites which were previously served from Hong Kong are now served locally from Taipei. 我們高興地宣布CloudFlare的的台北機房建置完成。這是我們在亞洲的第二十八個,在全球的第七十七個數據中心。從現在起台灣的網民可以直接從CloudFlare在台北的節點訪問數以百萬計的網站,不再繞道到香港。 Taipei