Introducing Load Balancing & Intelligent Failover with Cloudflare

Published on by Matt Silverlock.

Cloudflare's Enterprise customers have been using our Load Balancing service since March, and it has been helping them avoid website downtime caused by unreliable hosting providers, Internet outages, or servers. Today, we're bringing Load Balancing to all of our customers. Even the best caching can't escape the fundamental limitations on

Control your traffic at the edge with Cloudflare

Published on by John Roberts.

Today, we're introducing two new Cloudflare Traffic products to give customers control over how Cloudflare’s edge network handles their traffic, allowing them to shape and direct it for their specific needs. More than 10 trillion requests flow through Cloudflare every month. More than 4 million customers and 10% of

Load Balancing without Load Balancers

Published on by Matthew Prince.

CloudFlare had an hour-long outage this last weekend. Thankfully, outages like this have been a relatively rare occurance for our service. This is in spite of hundreds of thousands of customers, the enormous volume of legitimate traffic they generate, and the barrage of large denial of service attacks we are